Mohammad Athar

JK News Today

Srinagar, December 27

The number of images featuring Kashmiri militants has significantly increased in recent weeks, surfacing on social networking sites and providing a  window into their lives that have for long remained clouded with anonymity.

The release of militant videos and photographs increased in aftermath of militant commander Burhan Wani’s killing on July 8, which had sparked an unprecedented spell of protests in Kashmir valley.

Wani, 22, had pioneered the use of social media for his militant cause which made him a celebrated figure in the region.

Three latest videos, which are in circulation on the social media in recent days, feature Wani while playing cricket, his associate Zakir Rashid, alias Moosa, and an unidentified group of militants.

In one video, Wani, who was killed in July, is seen playing cricket next to an old dilapidated house.

In another video, Zakir is seen making a roti as he rolls the dough with a rolling pin. In a third video, an unidentified militant is seen ploughing with spade, what looks like, his family’s piece of rice field with his mother standing next to him.

The three videos provide glimpse into the militant lives. The image have surfaced as the internet services, which had remained suspended for several months after Wani’s killing, were restored in the region last month.

The number of militants in the region has registered a sharp increase after Wani’s killing, which had halted the counter-insurgency operations as security forces battled one of the most widespread spell of protests.

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