Srinagar, November 9

Kashmir’s top separatist leadership today issued a stringent protest calendar of shutdowns and protest  marches  rebuffing all the hopes and expectations that it might modify its protest calendar to accommodate students , transporters and shopkeepers who have been the worst victim of incessant shutdowns and protests for the past over four months now.

The  weekly protest calendar beginning  Friday after the conclusion of the last week’s announced schedule that concludes on Thursday  has not offered much relaxation  to the people. In fact, there are days of relaxation , while the relaxation period of 15 hours on some days has remained unchanged.


It seems that the separatists have taken  the people  for granted after having a meeting with stakeholders who threw the ball in the court of separatists by urging them to tale a   call on the agitation  . They had assured all support because none among the 300 of the participants wanted to  take any responsibility by  sounding a discordant note on the sensitive issue. Everyone in Kashmir understands that the discordant notes  mean that they are rebelling against the separatist who have a solid backing  of Pakistan and  militant outfits..

The new programme has called for   a march to Jamia Masjid  on Friday and also includes  a  call for  march to Lal Chowk.

Although all such previous marches were foiled in the past , yet the separatist leadership announces such sit ins and marches to keep administration on toes , which quite often responds with heavy deployment, curfew and restrictions. That enables the separatists to claim the victory of their calls.