JK News Today Commentary
Jammu, November 13:

On Thursday when Union Home Minister Amit Shah emphasised the importance of the border residents in India’s national security he was underlining two things : unless the people are involved in guarding the borders, the internal security cannot be perfect, and secondly that the external security requirements cannot be fulfilled without these people.

Amit Shah’s added stress on the role of the border residents at an event named as “’Vikasotsava 2020′ organised in Kutch district of Gujarat is a message for all the border areas across the country, especially at a time when the threats to the national security have surfaced in more than one ways. The border residents are the first line of defence of the country along with the forces tasked with keeping an eye on the designs of the enemy and its movements.

From Jammu and Kashmir , Ladakh , to Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal and north-east states , the country is faced with multiple challenges to its national security. The inimical forces from across the borders with the help of saboteurs within have cast newer web of challenges to the internal security . This has been witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir where the elements from Pakistan have been able to exploit some sections within to create a situation that threatens the internal stability.

There are multiple threats that have been detected in the recent years – the threat to the security is not only from the physical moves of the adversary from across , human trafficking, smuggling of narcotics and arms , too, have contributed to the ways, enemy seeks to destabilize the country.
It is imperative not only to exhort but also to encourage the border residents to serve as the un-uniformed and unpaid soldiers of the country to guard against all these measures that the hostile countries, in particular, Pakistan, are taking to cause the internal disturbances.

The smuggling of drugs is a money making trade- the drugs trave from all the way from Afghanistan to Pakistan and then to India. These find their way into the heart of India from the borders. This is a strike against the youth , who are made addicts . This is a major danger to our security in villages and urban centres where the addicts are exploited and made to become stooges of the anti-national elements.

A new trend has been detected in the border areas of Jammu and Kashmir . Pakistani drones are dropping arms and alerting the militants to pick the consignments from the border areas. Once these arms are with the militants, this adds to the existing threats , because they use guns and grenades to cause mayhem within the hinterland.

The attention that Amit Shah has paid to the needs of the internal security and involving the border residents in it will help the overall national security of the country . And, as is known to all that Amit Shah is consistent in his approach. He translates his words into action . This will help enhancing the core of the internal security of the country.